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Febrary 27, 2013
Pharmasapphire strengthened the scientific team
In February 2013, with the resident of the Biomedical Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation, PharmaSapphire began to cooperate with several leading domestic scientists who strengthened the scientific potential and expanded the project's innovative capabilities
Vitaly Savenkov (the far left), next to him, the scientific director Evgeny Lukin, as well as other members of the team "Farma Sapphire"
The scientists joined the team of Vitaly Savenkov, the founder of the company and a passionate propagandist of high-precision pump-dosers and other instruments and medical equipment from sapphire monocrystal (leucosapphire). This unique synthetic material has a great durability, bio-neutral and highly resistant to aggressive chemical environments. In addition, unlike the currently used metal metering pumps, sapphire crystals do not leave micro chips, and old medicines do not get stuck in the pores of the pumps, since there is no pore in leukosapphire (this is extremely important when changing medicines dispensed by pump dispensers on pharmaceutical lines).

In the opinion of PharmaSapphire and the scientists supporting them, these properties make it possible to produce the most chemically pure medications, which opens up a huge market for the innovation of pump dosers widely used in the world of pharmaceuticals. The scientific consultant of the project is Evgeny Lukin, Professor of the Department of Chemistry. Technology, ceramics and refractories of the Russian Chemical Technological University, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the MAI of the Russian Federation. Among the scientists who joined the PharmaSapphire team Khachatur Bagdasarov, the head of the Institute of Crystallography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member. RAS and NAS of Russia, twice winner of state awards. And in February the idea was also decided to support Boris Pyatin, head of the experimental and technological department of the Institute of Pharmacology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Natalya Oborotova, head of the Laboratory for the Development of Medicinal Forms of the Russian Cancer Research Center named after A.Ya. NN Blokhin. As Vitaly Savenkov said, many scientists help the project free of charge, on a voluntary basis. Now the company is in the active search for an investor, and according to Savenkov, a large Russian pharmaceutical holding has become interested in technology, and foreign players are also interested.
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