December 26, 2012
On December 25, the Technopark hosted a meeting of the companies of the BMT cluster with the Microanalysis Center
The meeting was attended by residents of the Skolkovo Foundation of PharmaSapphire, AMPHORA Biomed, as well as the 3rd Evdokimov Medico-Stomatological University. These companies were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the novelties of the Laboratory of Microanalysis, as well as the latest developments in analytical methods for microanalysis in biomedicine
The technopark is considered, and the meeting confirmed this that electronic and X-ray methods of studying bioobjects have not yet become an everyday research tool in the hands of innovators. There are several reasons for this, among which the habit of working with a traditional confocal microscope, a firm opinion on the complexity of sample preparation and decoding, the high cost of work.

The meeting is commented on by the author of the project and the general director of OOO FarmaSapfir Vitaly Savenkov:
Such ultramodern laboratories in Russia can, as they say, count on the fingers. The laboratory has practically enormous technical capabilities to promote research and experimental and experimental capabilities of microanalysis in biomedicine, "said the head of PharmaSapphire
According to Vitaly Savenkov, in the project, which he is engaged in, it is necessary to carry out a number of laboratory and research tests, with the highest level of requirements for various measurements and definitions. "

Previously, Savenkov said, the project team planned to conduct 95% of all laboratory research and microanalysis on contractual terms in a number of well-known scientific institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, such as the " Lebedev (FIAN), Institute of General Physics (IOF), Russian Chemical-Technological University (RHTU), Research Institute of Pharmaceuticals of the Russian Federation, etc. The company even held preliminary negotiations and reached all agreements on future research.
Now I see that such a need has practically disappeared. Of course, 80 - 90% of all future laboratory research can be safely entrusted to the Skolkovo Technopark with its unique high-tech laboratory equipment of the Micro Analysis Center
- said Vitaly Savenkov.
The participants of the meeting on December 25 listened with interest to the report of Vladimir Shklover, the head of the Microanalysis Center, who clarified a number of points related to further steps to improve the work of the Micro Analysis Center.

They are aimed at increasing the effectiveness, quality of research conducted in the technopark, as well as facilitating access for residents to the basic services of the CC of the technopark. As a result, work with samples has become much simpler, it can be transferred to the site of the customer.

In particular, it was noted at the meeting that it became more convenient to work with an electron microscope, which now has a "natural environment" mode of operation, which introduces minimal deformations into the sample under study. At the same time, the cost of work on this unique equipment has become quite comparable with the work on traditional equipment.

Expanded opportunities for researchers and for such tasks as the study of tissue and cells at the nanometer level, as well as with 3D reconstruction and the definition of cellular interrelations.

Correlation microscopy for the communication of information about the object, from macro to nano level, as well as determination of the elemental and chemical composition of objects, became possible.

At the disposal of researchers appeared a powerful mathematical apparatus for image processing, X-ray non-destructive microscopy at the submicron level.

It is difficult to list the areas of application of these methods in pharmacology and diagnosis of diseases. The easiest way is to look with your own eyes and discuss specific tasks with the specialists of the Center. Follow the feedback of the meeting participants on our website.
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