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August 13, 2012
Hypercube settlement contest - the first Skolkovo building of the innovative city
The results of the Hypercube building settlement contest, announced to start-up teams in June - participants of Skolkovo, were summed up. As a result of the competitive selection, a list of 16 companies was singled out *.

The right to be the first to place their offices in the first building built on the territory of Innograd - Hypercube received the following commands:

1. "Satellite innovative space systems Ltd.

2. New Energy Technologies Ltd.

3. Scientific-Production Enterprise "Tenzosensor" Ltd.

4. ZAO Management Company "Orion Asset Management"

5. PharmaSapphire Ltd.


7. Gepatera Ltd.

8. Metamax Ltd.

9. CardioNova Ltd.

10. TeraLife Ltd.

11. Uniklaser Ltd.

12. Rateclab Ltd.

13. Non-commercial partnership "Center for Applied Computer Network Research"

14. Innovative enterprise "DisplAir Company"

15. Tutorion Ltd.

16. TOYTEMIC Innovations Ltd.

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