Aerospace Sapphire Hydraulics
We develop solutions for aerospace hydraulics in the application of new materials. Thanks to the patented processing technologies of sapphire, we are working
to create hydraulic systems that exceed the current ones in terms of performance.
Our technologies will increase the efficiency, reliability and economy
of hydraulic components and systems
Further weight reduction of hydraulic systems is possible only with the use of ultralight materials
Metal wear products are the main cause of hydraulic components and systems failure
High cost of manufacturing components. The cost of repairs to 80% of the cost of a new unit
Artificially grown single crystal based on alpha-Al2O3. With proper processing, this material is superior in strength properties to all known steel grades. Has an extremely high wear resistance, has a high thermal conductivity and is 2 times lighter than titanium carbide and steel
Sapphire friction pair
One small idea can change everything
Super wear resistant
Warranty life of modern pumps is 3 years
Most likely in 3 years, you will have to buy a new one
One small detail in scale application
can help save up to 100 kg on the hydraulic system
Highly reliable
Reduce hydraulic failures to 0
The technology has been tested and proven to be relevant in related industries
Advantages of using the technology:
Increasing resource
Guaranteed extended service life of hydraulic pumps 10+ times
Reduced maintenance costs
Reduced maintenance and repair costs
Same cost price
The cost of production does not exceed analogues
Low weight
The specific gravity of synthetic sapphire is 2 times less than that of the metals used
Environmentally friendly production of sapphire elements
Chemical purity
Longer service life of working fluid
Sapphire metering pump
Creation of technology and production for the production of extra wear-resistant and high-precision metering pumps made from monocrystal sapphire
Currently, the market is dominated by metal pumps (97%) and ceramic pumps
Life cycle
Metal and ceramic pumps have a short life time of 1-3 years (pharmacy) or 3-5 months (food industry)
All world manufacturers provide a guarantee for their pumps for no more than 1 year
Product contamination
Metal and ceramic metering pumps oxidize the substance of the product
Single-crystal sapphire plunger pair
PharmaSapphire was the first company who offered a high-precision metering pump to the world market based on a plunger pair made of synthetic sapphire. Metering pump based on single-crystal sapphire is an innovative invention for enterprises of all industries engaged in bottling and packaging of liquid, viscous and pasty substances. The peculiarity of the metering pump is that the plunger pair (which is the main component of the metering pump) is made from a monocrystal of sapphire with the use of nanotechnology. Thus, the product is unique due to the properties of the material used
High-precision metering pumps
"We set new standards of reliability"
The results of the Project are super wear-resistant sapphire metering pumps used on different brands, models and modifications of industrial equipment, in various fields of industry such as: pharmaceutical, for high-precision filling of liquid medications into ampoules, bottles, syringes and other containers, food, perfume, cosmetic , Chemical and other industries
Why choose us?
The main advantages of sapphire metering pumps are:
High wear resistance
The warranty is 15 years, the estimated service life is up to 30 years. Example: all foreign manufacturers of their metering pumps from metal and ceramics provide a guarantee of only 1 year
Chemical purity
All products spilled and packaged with sapphire metering pumps are the most chemically pure product, due to the absence of metal microparticles in liquids (including pharmaceuticals). The lack of a microchemical reaction that destroys drugs
Terms of storage
The shelf life of such drugs is significantly higher than the standard
Resistance to aggressive media
Sapphire metering pump withstand all kinds of corrosive media, including concentrated boiling acids. For example, if iodine or its components are poured and packed with conventional steel dispensers, then the life of such dispensers will be from 3 to 6 months. Iodine will destroy such dispensers. And sapphire pump-dosers have been working for more than 8 years without replacement. Proven in practice
The financial and economic effect of the use of sapphire metering pumps is estimated in tens and hundreds of millions of US dollars. The need for the pharmaceutical market is 235 thousand dispensers per year. The total volume of the plunger and piston pumps market is more than $ 300 billion.
Same cost price
The cost price of sapphire metering pump does not exceed the cost of original ceramic and metal batchers
Technology for creating sapphire plunger and piston pairs
The basis of the main working element of any pumping or metering device (plunger or piston type) is a plunger or piston pair. This is the "heart" of the device, which during its operation has the property of wearing out, failing. For 15 years of research work, new advanced patented methods for processing sapphire single crystals with various "know-how" have been developed and successfully mastered. The newest methods of mechanical and chemical-mechanical treatment of cylindrical surfaces of the main elements of plunger and piston pairs were invented. New modern and advanced methods for assembling separate units of sapphire metering pump have been developed
Processing of synthetic sapphire
Our method of making a sapphire plunger pair allows us to achieve a roughness of the surface of friction (working) sapphire pairs to a level of 3-5 Angstrom. Significantly reduce the coefficient of friction of the plunger pair, which significantly affects the increase in service life of the sapphire plunger pair in metering and pumping devices
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